networkWCS HD Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is key to keeping your business connected as travel budgets tighten and the time we have to get things done is ever-decreasing. Through the networkWCS Video Conferencing Center, you get access to more personal attention and video expertise, as well as the latest in product innovation and proven service to ensure your messages are successfully communicated.

Video Public Rooms

When you need to hold a video conference but are not ready to invest in the necessary equipment, try renting a public video conferencing room. Our growing database of approximately 10,000 public video conference rooms gives you easy access to video conference room rentals in any major city around the globe.

 Room Rental Options: Room Rental Options

Video Bridging

This service enables you to use your own video conferencing equipment and our infrastructure to connect a video conference with a point-to-point or multi-point call type. We also provide an array of enhancements to optimize our video bridging service such as reservationless video conferencing.

  Video Bridging Overview: Video Bridging Overview

Video Equipment

No matter what your equipment or network requirements, we can assist you in acquiring the right equipment for the most effective use of your video conferencing account through our broad network of vendor relationships.

  Video Equipment Packages: Video Equipment Packages

Video Advanced Services

We provide a collection of advanced video services that allow you to outsource the management of some or all of your video conferencing services. These services include video network solutions, conference room integration, and bridge management.

  Video Advanced Services: Video Advanced Services


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