Why WCS?
Add Content...The following lists some of the competitive reasons why you should consider doing business with WCS when purchasing telecom services:
■ Since 1994 WCS has designed, built, and implemented carrier- grade telecom networks exclusively for Enterprise clients
■ WCS clients range from 50+ location accounts to Fortune 500 companies allowing WCS to deliver solutions that provide an intuitive customer service experience  
■ WCS integrates with 125 network carriers offering 135 products and services
■ “One stop shopping” and “No Service Left Behind” capability - all provided on a single invoice and single management portal.
■ Unified billing platform simplifies contracting, provisioning, billing and technical support    
■ Highly satisfied global brand clients that have contracted with WCS for almost two decades  
■ WCS’s  unique invoice solution provides same day billing dispute resolution
■ Customers receive contractual guarantee on network performance.
■ WCS is one of the nations largest providers of Incumbent LEC products and services
■ Provide unique expense improvement model through use of WCS’s proprietary telecom  expense management (TEM) tool- Enterprise-View
■ Leading technology – with 5 patents pending for WCS systems and process
■ Unequaled  proven provisioning experience and process management with all major carriers in the US and abroad
■ Awarded “Best-in-Class” provider of telecom products and services throughout  U.S. and 26 international countries*