Unified Web Conferencing

Unified Web Conferencing brings you a feature-rich, collaborative meeting experience by unifying audio, web and video conferencing into one easy-to-use service.

Unified Web Conferencing sits right on your desktop and easily integrates with your standard business tools. It's a user-friendly online meeting service that gives you the easiest and fastest meeting access available in the market.  Just click to start or join a meeting online.

Unified Web Conferencing enables you to:

  • Quickly join or start online meetings with a simple click on the desktop icon in your task bar.
  • Have Unified Web Conferencing automatically dial you when you start the meeting, so no more looking up dial-in numbers or logins.
  • Control the phone portion of the meeting using the web—without the hassle of extensive telephone keypad commands.
  • Schedule online meetings in Outlook® or Lotus Notes® for easy invitations and one-click entry.  

You'll get more from meetings when everyone can actually see what you're talking about. Unified Web Conferencing allows you to collaborate and interact with remote teams, keeping them focused on what you’re demonstrating, working in real-time on projects, and making eye contact while you communicate.

Use Unified Web Conferencing to:


  • Collaborate with global teams
  • Train remote colleagues and customers
  • Review documents in real-time
  • Present to customers and prospects

Reliable and secure, Unified Web Conferencing allows you to meet more productively and more often without the time and expense of travel.The best part is that all of this comes as a service that we manage for you.

Details on the advanced Unified Web Conferencing features are available by using the links to the right.

To schedule, join or host a meeting, please use the links to the right.
Important! For participants, you must access your meeting based on the region of your meeting moderator/leader. To do so, please use the Join a Meeting link that is for the region of your meeting moderator.

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